Upgrade from Revit 2016 to 2018: How to adjust text width factor?

If you are upgrading from Revit 2016 to later versions, you might find texts are growing wider. See this Autodesk post for details. 

Retriever can make this upgrade experience easy and fast. Let's get started! 

1. Find all text types in a file 

Create a new query, and paste the following BQL code in the editor.

% Find all texts of each text type.
select(TypeName, TextsOfOneType) :-
    category(Text, 'Text Notes'),
    parameter(Text, 'Type', Type),
    parameter(Type, 'Type Name', TypeName),
    group(Text, TextsOfOneType).

Each row contains all text notes of the type name. In the sample file, there are two type names. 

2. Update width factor

Now all texts in the file are selected, and you can in the Type Properties dialog edit Width Factor.

Ye Wang