BIM Manager Story 1: Chiara from Strategie Digitali

Chiara and her co-founder Claudio.

Chiara and her co-founder Claudio.

Chiara studied architecture but started working as interior designer and construction site surveyor for Piero Lissoni, one of the leading figures of design in Milan. For him, she worked on projects basking in historical heritage around Europe and MIddle-East and finally stepped into BIM, covering the role of BIM Coordinator for a few years.

She then moved to work for Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, the soon-to-become leading Firm in Italy when it comes to BIM. She’s Autodesk Certified Instructor, currently gives lectures and teaches Revit in northern Italy, she sits at the table for the development of the Italian norm on BIM, she’s co-founder of the Italian BIM User Group and is the proud co-creator of the one and only drinking game for BIM summits. 

She founded Strategie Digitali, with which she continues the work both in private and public consultancy, and she’s a recurring speaker in the most important international BIM conventions. In 2016 she published “The BIM Challenge”, a book in three parts about approaching Building Information Modelling in a design firm.

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